Operation “Learn to Draw”

If you’ll recall, “I have decided to learn to draw.” (cafetoque, February 15, 2012.)  A lofty declaration made.

Crap.  Now what?

Clearly, some strategy is warranted, and buying pointy new pencils and a shiny new sketchbook, and hoping for the best, is unlikely to achieve desired results.

But first of all, is this even a realistic goal? Is it possible to learn how to draw at thirty-nine and seven eighths? From all that I’ve heard, and read—in art instruction books, online forums, googling “Is it possible to learn to draw in your forties?” the answer appears to be a resounding “YES!”

By all accounts, (realistic) drawing seems to be a teachable skill.  And lucky for me, that means it’s learnable as well.


So, I’ll take a class. No problem.

Except art classes cost money, which I don’t have, and require energy, which I have in seriously short supply, as well as an ability to commit to a set time and duration, which is near impossible at present.  A minimum level of confidence is also necessary, and I’m not exactly oozing self-assuredness these days. Hmm…

I would love to take a class and perhaps, one day I will, but if I’m going to accept my situation as it is, and still learn to draw, it is clear what needs to be done.

I need a new plan.

To be continued.